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Project Vision and Goal

Project vision/development impact on society.

The vision of the project should describe the long term desired impact of the EnPe project, in terms of sustainable economic, social and environmental development in the country. The vision should be formulated as an answer to the following question: What impact will the project have on society in 2050. The project will bring sustainable economic, social and environmental development in Ethiopia through developing scientific production and utilization of bioenergy system; and based on locally available clean and renewable bioenergy sources; reduced greenhouse gas emission and integration of bio-slurries as bio fertilizers for fostering bio-farming systems. Project goal/ overall purpose of the project.

The project goal should describe the overall purpose of the project.

  • The goal should be set in terms of the effect that the project will have achieved for its target groups and target areas in the year2020.
  • To contribute towards sustainable use of clean and renewable energy in Ethiopia, and build the research and teaching capacity of partner institutions in clean and renewable energy of bioenergy production and utilization:
  • The teaching, research and outreach capacity of participating institutions improved (40 MSc and 6 PhD graduates, each with at least 30% of the graduates being female; 24 exchange visits; three short term trainings on research methods and equipment maintenance for 20 technical staff and on procurement and auditing systems, and purchasing for 20 participants from academic and administration departments).
  • Graduate studies in bioenergy will be launched and strengthened at HwU. The use of bioenergy at the house hold and national levels on energy security; agriculture; human health and environment understood. Bioenergy research and training center established at HwU.
  • Agro-ecologically compatible and socio-economically profitable system for bioenergy production and utilization developed.
  • Promising biogas and biofuel use systems in bioenergy systems will be identified. Policy implications drawn and policy briefs presented to decision makers. Gender equity in farming, teaching, research and education promoted. Packages of bioenergy prepared, piloted and scaled up.
  • At least 20 scientific papers, and 10 manuals and field guides published.
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